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Auto-Pedestrian Death

3 Ways IL Fatal Car Accidents Happen Today

September 9, 2019

3 Most Common Ways Fatal Auto Accidents in Illinois Happen Today 

according to the IL Dept. of Transportation (IDOT):

    • 104 fatalities caused by an Illinois motorcycle accident
    • 99 pedestrians died from a motor vehicle in IL
    • 75 deaths in Illinois involving a Semi-truck

Deaths caused by drivers running red lights are on the increase in Illinois and across the country. A study completed by AAA last month shows deaths from cars running red lights hit a 10-year high.

Chicago ABC7 news reported total traffic deaths in 2018 was the third-deadliest of the decade on American roads, 

The majority of IL fatal car crashes in Illinois, so far, in 2019 have occurred on city streets.

If your family member died from an IL driver’s negligent operation of a car, motorcycle or semi-truck, contact our IL top 100 auto accident lawyer, Josephine Cullotta, in Chicago & Glenview at 847-651-7191.



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