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Brain Injury

5 Facts Reported About The Brain This Week (May 10)

May 10, 2020

1. 3D cellular-level atlas of a mouse brain researchers can reference

The Allen Institute for Brain Science institute paper in the (May 7) journal Cell is making publicly available a manually made, 3D cellular-level atlas of a mouse brain.

 ”The project aims to do for neuroscience what whole-genome sequencing did for biology in the 1990s: create a common, standardized mouse brain that all researchers working on mice can reference.”

2. Researchers to develop new imaging device for infants with brain disorders 

The Cap-based Transcranial Optical Tomography (CTOT) uses ”night-vision goggle technology, near-infrared light, and high-resolution detectors.” It is a wearable imaging device developed by University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston.

CTOT is ”the first high-resolution, whole-brain functional imaging device that does not require the baby to be put under anesthesia.”  

This device “helps physicians accurately diagnose the severity of a baby’s brain injury and identify ideal treatment to optimize the quality of life throughout childhood.”

3. For the first time, scientists can see how the brain records our memories as we sleep

This study  is in the journal Cell Reports. (May 5)

4. (Maryland) Work related Memory loss, attention deficits a physical ailment: Appeals court

”A Baltimore police officer is eligible for a disability retirement for injuries suffered in the line of duty after he was diagnosed with memory loss and attention deficits following a work-related concussion, an appeals court in Maryland ruled Friday (May 8).”

5. (Indiana) Denial of negligence instruction in horse-riding accident case: Appeals court

Appeals court affirms denial of negligence instruction in horse-riding accident involving a brain injury. The case is Kathleen Burdick and Bruce Burdick, Individually, and as Husband and Wife v. Julie Romano, 19A-CT-2739.

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