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Category: Brain Injury

Brain Injury

Common Brain Injury Problems After IL Car Accident

December 27, 2011

While every injury is unique, some common brain injury symptoms, procedures, and consequences after a IL Chicago car accident: Cognitive and Communicative Difficulties Persons who sustain a brain injury may experience common symptoms such as memory loss, confusion, and difficulty staying focused. In addition, person with traumatic brain injury may have […]

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Brain Injury

Put on life support after car crash

December 25, 2011

Sam Schmid was involved in car crash causIng a  brain aneurysm, among other life altering injuries requiring he be put on life-support. He underwent brain surgery to repair the aneurysm but doctors had little hope due to his lack of brain activity. This  raised the question of if his family will take […]

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Brain Injury

Illinois Concussion Law

December 24, 2011

A new Illinois law called “Athletic Concussion Protection Act of 2011”. This new 2011 Illinois Concussion Law prevents all athletes under 18 years and recently injured from taking part in practices and or games until they receive written clearance from a physician to return.  How can you tell if someone […]

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