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Category: Personal Injury Claims


What to expect in a personal injury claim

January 14, 2021

 IL Personal injury Lawyer claim  involves the following matters: 1. Will a jury like you? 2. Will you cooperate and participate in your injury case to the extent necessary for you and your attorney to present an accurate case 3. Are you credible. Do your symptoms match those reported in […]

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Brain Injury

4 Types Facial Fractures

July 2, 2019

Have your sustained a facial fracture, like a eye injury, midface fracture, broken jaw, cracked forehead, or other facial bone fracture due to the someone else’s wrongdoing? Head trauma during a car accident can cause 4 types facial fractures.  Facial fractures can further cause neurological trauma, damage to the sinus ducts, […]

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Brain Injury

Returning To Work After Brain Injury

December 31, 2011

Know What The Common Symptoms of a Illinois Traumatic Brain Injury Are Before Returning To Work. Common Brain Injury Symptoms Include Changes In: Memory Concentration Attention Decision making Depression Anxiety Irritability Headaches Dizziness Problems concentrating Difficulty reading, writing Impaired speech or word loss Difficulty staying focused The following are suggested […]

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