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Brain Injury

Chicago Brain Injury Victims May Suffer Life Long Disabilities

April 25, 2019

Brain Injury Contact Brain Injury Lawyer, Cullotta Law Offices For A FREE Consultation Because Depending on the severity of the auto accident, long term side effects of brain injury may be permanent and life altering. 

These effects may be present immediately or shortly following the Chicago car accident  or fall.  Other times, brain injury effects may become apparent many years following the injury.In addition.  

Brain Injury may impact the individual’s long term prognosis. After a traumatic brain injury, the victim may exhibit impairments.  These impairments may be to the personas thinking, senses, speech, emotion. The result is that you may have to live with impairment of memory or reasoning, loss of senses, change in speech, mood or personality changes.  

You may dismiss it as old age, stress from work.  Without the proper evaluation, medically and legally, it may be too late to recover damages for you brain injury when you learn it was in fact the crash brain injury responsible for the changes you are experiencing – and  your job or work have only intensified them. 

Ask yourself, have you experienced changes to the way you smell, taste, think, recall things since the car accident?  

  1. Thinking

The result is that the patient may have to live with impairment of memory or reasoning;

  • Senses

loss of touch, taste, or smell;

  • Speech

difficulty communicating or understanding.

The person with a brain injury may suffer depression, anxiety, or other changes in personality.   These impairments may be short or long term. The victim will likely need extensive in or out-patient rehabilitation to adjust to these new disabilities.

Over time, additional effects of the Chicago brain injury person may emerge.  Studies show a person with a traumatic brain injury is at an increased rick of developing: 

  • Alzheimer’s 
  • Parkinson’s
  • Epilepsy 

Repeat Brain Injuries

If the Chicago brain injury victim suffers repeat brain injuries, the effects of the brain injury may be cumulative.  In other words, two brain injuries within a short time of each others increases the severity of the brain injury.

The repeated brain injuries may even be fatal if they occur within days or weeks of each other. It is essential that a brain or head trauma victim take proper precautions following a brain injury in order to reduce their likelihood of suffering a second one.  

The patient should get plenty of rest and avoid any activity which might potentially injure the head again.

Following a head trauma, traumatic brain injury, or concussion as a result of an auto accident.  It is vital that the victim consult with qualified  medical professionals and then an experienced Chicago brain injury attorney, such as Cullotta Law Offices.  We understand the legal complexities surrounding this injury. Schedule a complimentary consultation by filling out our online form or calling our office at (847) 651-7191.

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