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Brain Injury

Chicago IL pedestrian traumatic brain injuries

January 21, 2012

How Pedestrian deaths from a traumatic brain injury occur – more often than not 

When struck by a vehicle more often than not death occurs because the brain injury rather than the initial impact.

The pedestrian’s body at impact

The pedestrian’s body at impact moves forward and then on top of the vehicles hood.As a result the pedestrian’s head strikes the hood or windshield.So although the pedestrian was struck first, it was the traumatic brain injury they sustained the often results in the pedestrian’s death.

How do we know this?

Because our firm concentrates on brain injury pedestrian injury or death. We keep up with current brain injury research and consult with experts across the country.  Generally, it is this brain injury lawyer’s perseverance and passion about helping her clients  hat distinguishes Cullotta Law Offices from other law firms. It is experience and specialization in brain injury litigation that makes Cullotta Law Offices one of the best brain injury lawyers in Illinois. 

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