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Brain Injury

Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer New : A new diagnostic tool for IL brain Injuries

January 21, 2012

Chicago personal injury lawyer discusses a new diagnostic-tool for brain injury

Chicago car wrecks are a common cause of many types of Chicago brain injuries. A new diagnostic tool for brain injuries, called The Biograph mMR, combines a MRI and PET scan for faster and safer to diagnosis and treat ment of a traumatic brain injury .For example, in the city of Chicago, county of cook, a young man is riding on his motorcycle on 294-North when he is suddenly rear-ended by a semi-truck.   Personal Injury from this man’s motorcycle accident included:

(1)  Skull fracture

    1. Contusions to his face
    2. Loss of consciousness 
    3. Coma
    4. Cerebral brain hemorrhage

Cerebral brain hemorrhage occurs when the brain jostles against the skull during a IL car wreck, causing bleeding in or around the brain after an IL crash

Advantages to the The Brain Injury Diagnostic Tool

The Biograph mMR of this young man’s brain can identify the brain damage caused by this truck verses motorcycle collision on I-294. This new diagnostic test also assist in prevention of the long-term consequences resulting from this man’s TBI. It also permits his doctors to perform one diagnostic imaging instead of the routinely ordered MRI and PET scan diagnostic imaging test.

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