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Spinal Cord Injury

Chicago Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Keeps Current About Spinal Cord Injury Research

October 7, 2019

Chicago Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Damages including medical costs over the course of the Chicago spinal cord injury (SCI) victim’s lifetime can be enormous. In addition, you know how difficult it is to have your life turned upside down. 

Money can’t reverse paralysis completely but knowing that a facility’s technology can restore hand function is one way the SCI victim could use “x” amount of dollars 

Generally, in IL, damages claimed in a personal injury lawsuit typically require a qualified treating doctor(s) and or retained expert(s) to testify to which damages claimed (past and or future) are more likely proximately caused by the SCI accident. 

Having knowledge of current SCI information can increase damages the claimed damages amount in a client’s case. For instance, a injury lawyer can ask about the research during depositions of treaters and experts. This testimony is critical to negotiating a fair and just settlement amount with insurance adjuster or before asking a jury to award such a (past and or) significant dollar amount.  

Therefore, generally,  it may help spinal cord injury victims to hire a lawyer who can ask treaters and experts to explain a some of the below treatments options available.  

Two examples of recent research  the has restored hand motion & hand function to a victim after a spinal cord injury  

Use of Hands Again After Spinal Cord Injury Through Cleveland Clinic New Technology 

Cleveland researchers develop technology to give spinal cord injury patients use of hands back by stimulating muscles that are paralyzed. Cleveland Clinic is the only place with this technology.

Channel 5 News discusses this groundbreaking technology in below video.



Functional Electrical Stimulation 

Reeve Foundation’s website further explains functional electrical stimulation 

Nerve Transfer Surgery

Earlier this year Cullotta Law’ post titled “Back Injury – New Tetraplegic Surgery Revives Hand Motion” 

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