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Brain Injury

Common Brain Injury Problems After IL Car Accident

December 27, 2011

While every injury is unique, some common brain injury symptoms, procedures, and consequences after a IL Chicago car accident:

Cognitive and Communicative Difficulties

    Persons who sustain a brain injury may experience common symptoms such as memory loss, confusion, and difficulty staying focused. In addition, person with traumatic brain injury may have difficulty understanding others or expressing her true thoughts and emotions. 
    • Read a Jane’s life after her IL or Chicago brain injury car accident:

Jane is a mother who, after a car crash, lost all desire to have fun with her husband and childrenand friends. She stopped going out. She had to change careers until she eventually she was unable to perform any job. Jane stopped doing all activites with her children.

Her husband was very supportive but felt like he was “walking on egg shells” when Jane had a migraine or wasnt able to get anything done at work. Jane’s severe head pain made her unable to stay focused and do her job like she had before her brain injury and thus crash. Her head pain would last hours and sometimes it went on for several days.

At a party, she listened to a group of people talking but only comprehend a few words in each sentrnce. When she walked away she’d entirly forget what she did hear. Her inability to recall all parts of the conversation caused her embarassment that she no longer went out with friends and minimized her social conversations with co-workers. Medication and many different types of rehabiliation and therapy are availble to decrease her brain injury symptoms.

Sensory Problems

Victims of head traumas may lose some of their senses like sense of smell, taste, touch and hearing.   

Psychological and Emotional Problems

Depression, anxiety, and aggression are common symptoms of an injury to the brain. TBI victims may also feel confused and act out inappropriately.  


In cases of severe head injuries following an auto accident, patients may fall into a coma. When in a coma, an individual is in an  unconscious and unresponsive.  

Vegetative State

Following the worst traumatic brain injuries, a person may fall into a temporary or permanent vegetative state. The person may experience periods of alertness mixed with periods of unconsciousness and unresponsiveness.  


According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders, one-half of those suffering from traumatic brain injuries will need surgery to remedy bruised brain tissue or ruptured blood vessels.  

If you sustained any of the above symptoms after an IL brain injury accident, contact our head trauma brain injury law offices today. 

Brain injuries must be a frightening and overwhelming experience. We are here to help and offer you our support through this very difficult time. Knowing what your legal options are after a brain injury accident or slip and fall can help relieve – some – of the worry you are experiencing.  

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