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Car Accident

6 Common Causes of Head Trauma

January 20, 2012

A traumatic brain injury is a potentially devastating trauma. According to the Mayo Clinic, some common causes of head trauma include:

  1. Slip and fall, such as down a set of stairs
  2. Car accidents, motorcycle crashes, or bicycle accidents
  3. Pedestrian struck by vehicle 
  4. Sports related injuries, such as repeated concussions during a football game
  5. Blows to the head, such as striking head on windshield or steering wheel
  6. explosions

Of these various causes, car accidents are among the most common cause of TBI injuries in Waukegan, Rockford, Chicago, Aurora, and across Illinois.

Examples of how the brain is injured in Cook County motor vehicle accidents are as follows:

  1. The head striking the dashboard or steering wheel windshield 
  2. Rapid deceleration or acceleration of the vehicle resulting in the brain banging against the skull
  3. The impact of a car to you or the vehicle you’re in  
  4. A penetrating wound to the head caused by debris from the accident

Preventing Traumatic Brain Injury

Observing basic motor vehicle safety, such as following Illinois rules of the road and never drinking and driving, go a long way in preventing traumatic brain injuries and head trauma.

Understanding the common causes and consequenses of this devastating trauma is an essential part of prevention.

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