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Finding Support Following a Waukegan Spinal Cord Injury

April 25, 2019

Are you in need of legal help after suffering a Spinal Cord Injury or Paralysis from a Car Accident ? Call Cullotta Law at 847-651-7191.  Our office is in Glenview, IL – 25 mins from Waukegan, Illinois!

Suffering a spinal cord injury after an auto accident can be both devastating and life changing.  In addition to adjusting to the physical disabilities, pain, and ongoing medical treatment required, victims following a auto accident must also learn to cope with the emotional aspect of the injury. For many, this can feel like an overwhelming task.

Utilizing available support mechanisms can help the victim return to his or her everyday life. Finding and joining a spinal cord injury support group can make a significant difference in the victim’s quality of life.

The following are ways in which  a spinal cord injury group can be beneficial:

  • Meeting with others facing similar challenges can help the victim feel less alone.
  • The victim can learn from the advice of other spinal cord injury survivors.
  • A group provides the victim with a safe environment to vent frustrations, fears, anger, and other emotions commonly associated with Illinois spinal cord injuries.
  • A group offers the opportunity to meet new people struggling with the same injury.

In addition to joining a group, a spinal cord injury victim can find support from family or friends.

These individuals can help the victim by:

  • Keeping things in the same place so as not to confuse the victim or cause frustration
  • Respecting that the victim may need to stick to a routine
  • Being patient with the victim with regard to tasks and necessary breaks
  • Encouraging the victim to vent his or her emotions to qualified professionals as well as peer support groups

In addition, the victim should consult an experienced Waukegan spinal cord injury attorney in Illinois determine whether financial support can be gained through a claim for damages.

For a free consultation a specialized personal injury lawyer, fill out our online form or call our office at (847) 651-7191 today.

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