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Back Injury

Herniated Disc: A Rockford Spinal Cord Injury That Can Last a Lifetime

April 25, 2019

A sudden, forceful impact to the spinal cord can result in devastating injuries, including a herniated disc. A  herniated bulging ruptured disc injury is one such complication that can occur following a car accident in Illinois. The force of the impact from the accident puts stress on the spinal column, causing a disc that separates the vertebrae, causing it to move out of place. Pressure is put on the spinal nerves, resulting in pain, numbness or weakness.

If the victim of an accident experiences a sharp pain in the back, leg or foot, he or she should seek medical treatment immediately. 

The symptoms of a herniated disc caused by a car accident in Illinois may include any of the following:

    • shooting or radiating pain
    • weakened back muscles
    • numbness in the calf, foot, or big toe
    • difficulty walking
    • tingling 
    • weakness
    • difficulty performing daily life activities

 a car accident in Illinois that caused a herniated disc may accompany numbness tingling or radiating pain into neck, legs, arms, torso.

A doctor will first need to determine whether you have a suffered a back injury.  In addition to ordering diagnostic tests, the physician will first evaluate you.  An evaluation for for a back injury typically includes measuring your range of motion, muscle strength and reflexes. 

A examining medical doctor may  ask you to: 

    • bend forward, backward, and sideways
    • move the neck forward, backward, and sideways
    • walk on toes and then heels
    • raise arms, shoulders, elbow, wrists, and hands to check strength

In addition to these evaluations, the following diagnostic tests may be ordered:

    • EMG
    • Myelogram
    • nerve condition velocity (NCV)
    • spine MRI or CT
    • spine x-ray
    • seat test
    • tilt-table test
    • nerve biopsy

What are the treatment options for a back Injury? While most victims of a car accident disc injury will improve, some will not.  Any neurosurgeon and orthopedic surgeon will tell you you have 5- choices to treating your herniated disc. These may include: 

    1. do nothing, live with the pain and other symptoms
    2. take anti-inflammatory medication
    3. undergo physical therapy,
    4. steroid injection, but if it doesn’t reduce your symptoms, stop.
    5. back surgery

Back Surgery carries risk. Your symptoms may become so unbearable that you have no option but to undergo back surgery.  These may include, spinal fusion, laminectomy, discokectomy .  No one wants to have surgery.  You may choose to live with lifelong pain and loss of movement. Most clients undergo surgery and feel better.   Even for those who do see improvement, it may take several months to several years before the patient can return to all pre-accident activities.  Victims of a herniated disc may experience chronic pain, an inability to work, and lost productivity.

If you suffered a herniated disc bulging disc, ruptured disc or other back injury because truck, motorcycle, or  car accident in Illinois, you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. For more information about your legal rights surrounding this injury, contact an experienced back injury lawyer.  

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