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Illinois Concussion Bill Protects Student Athletes

October 24, 2011

Effective in July 2011, Illinois adopted HB 200, also known as the “Concussion Bill.” This new legislation impacts guidelines surrounding youth athletes participating in interscholastic and park league game play. The Bill was passed at the end of May and was only awaiting the signature of Illinois Governor Pat Quinn before becoming an official part of Illinois law.

According to the Brain Injury Association of Illinois, the new law requires that all youth athletes suspected of suffering from a concussion be removed from practices or games. If diagnosed with concussion, the players are not permitted to return to play until they have been evaluated by a health care provider. They also must receive written clearance to participate in the activity from a licensed medical professional.

In addition to these return-to-play rules, the new law also requires that school boards, in cooperation with the Illinois High School Association, implement guidelines for educating coaches, athletes, and parents about concussions. The boards must also implement a policy surrounding head injuries and include such policy on any written agreement signed by the student athletes or their parents. For its part, the Illinois High School Association must distribute materials to schools and parks that educate the public on the dangers of concussions and head injuries.

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