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Living with a Chicago Spinal Cord Injury: Treating the Complications

November 7, 2011

Learning to live with a Chicago spinal cord injury is an ongoing journey for many victims. Long term complications following the motor vehicle accident that caused the injury often have debilitating impacts on everyday life. While there is currently no cure for a spinal cord injury, there are treatments available to make life more comfortable for victims.

The following is a brief list of lifestyle changes, rehabilitative measures, and medical treatments designed to ease the discomfort of the long term complications of a Cook County spinal cord injury:

  • Drink clear fluids to ease urinary tract issues.
  • Learn new bladder emptying techniques through rehabilitation.
  • Eat a high fiber diet and learn new elimination techniques to ease gastrointestinal issues.
  • Change positions frequently to prevent skin sores.
  • Learn proper skin care for individuals with skin sensory issues.
  • Learn techniques for preventing high blood pressure.
  • Take medication for respiratory problems.
  • Visit a dietician for weight management assistance.
  • Utilize physical and occupational therapy for exercise.
  • Meet with mental health therapists to treat depression and anxiety.

Side effects from a spinal cord injury are likely to continue throughout life. Any measure of comfort that a victim can utilize to reduce the impact of the injury on daily life should be considered. Unfortunately, these treatments are often very expensive. If you attempt to settle with an insurance company or other party prematurely, you may greatly underestimate the long term costs of treating your injury and its associated complications.

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