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National Spinal Cord Injury Awareness

November 22, 2011

Ten Years Ago, the U.S. Senate declared September to be National Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Awareness Month Two senators in Florida began their campaign in 2011 for the designation to increase awareness of the need for better treatments and preventative measures for spinal cord injuries.  Launch of A Project to […]

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Spinal Cord Injury

Seven Facts & Statistics About Spinal Cord Injury In 2011 – By Cullotta Law Offices in Glenview, Illinois

November 22, 2011

Seven Facts & Statistics About Spinal Cord Injury In 2021 vs. 2011
5) Occupational status after a spinal cord injury: In 2021, 18% employed one year after their SCI, 13% employed 40 years later
10 years ago, 12% in a model system (as in Illinois) and employed 1-year after their SCI occurrence. 20-years later, 35% of people were employed.
6) Race/Ethnicity: In 2021, 24% non-Hispanic blacks and 13% non-Hispanic blacks in the general population
7) The Average age of an individual sustaining an SCI: in 2021 – 43 years old versus 10 years ago -29 years old.

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Illinois PTSD & Concussions Car Accidents

November 21, 2011

 A mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI)  A mild TBI can cause life altering changes to a person’s life, job, & family.. it can also increase the  risk of suicide.  Common Symptoms  Common symptoms after a mild traumatic brain injury may include: headaches, memory loss, anxiety, depression, inability to focus or concentrate, blurred vision, […]

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