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Auto-Pedestrian Death

Pedestrian head trauma – Wrongful death attorneys – Illinois Injury Lawyer

December 29, 2019

Certain cars have lower risk of causing pedestrian head trauma deaths. 

A mini van’s head trauma score was lower than a small sized cars because the minvan’s hood was higher off the ground. Thus the risk of head trauma injury or death is less if it is a mini-van that struck the pedestrian. Again, The Head Injury Criterion can only give general risk predictions

1. Front bumper brackets reduce the severity of head injuries to pedestrians

2. Improved automobile designs.

Softer bumpers and windshilds that remain structurally sound have been shown to reduce head trauma pedestrian risk because more energy is consumed at impact.

A car crash pedestrian simulation using “dummies” calculates a pedestrian-vehicle death from traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

The calculated data from The Head Injury Criterion gives a general risk predictions results in a score. The score is then used to predict pedestrian’s risk of head trauma injury or pedestrian death from head injury.  The data is then used in early stage of automobile hood and windshield design. 

Automobile hood designers use the Head Injury Criterion crash simulations predictions to design car hoods that are less likely to cause head injury or death of the pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle.

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