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Research shows Music therapy can rebuild new speech area in brain

November 17, 2011

How does Music Therapy improves speech area in brain? The left region of brain that typically controls a person’s speech can be damaged during a head injury. Extensive treatment, such as, music therapy and speech therapy, are often part of the rehabilitation recovery process.

Congresswoman Gifford used music therapy during her brain injury rehabilitation. She began with songs like “Happy Birthday.”

“In the last 10 years, we’ve just started to understand how broad and diffuse the effect of music is on all parts of the brain,” said the director of the Center for Music and Medicine at Case Western Reserve University’s University Hospitals Case Medical Center in Cleveland.

Music-based therapies can help with speech recovery through speech therapies llike using rhythm, pitch, vision and hearing to get the brain to sing words that it can’t say. This particular type of therapy is known as melodic intonation therapy.

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