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Brain Injury

When Car Accident Causes Vision Loss

September 29, 2019

Did a car accident cause your vision loss ?

Seven years ago, Jason Esterhuizen was in a horrific car crash that destroyed his eyes, plunging him into total darkness. Today, Jason Esterhuizen regained visual perception and more independence, thanks to an experimental device implanted in his brain by researchers at UCLA Health.

Brain Implant Restored Visual Perception

According to a recent UCLA clinical study an experimental brain implant can restore visual PERCEPTION to the blind. 

Restoring visual perception will not restore normal eyesight. The UCLA experimental brain implant enhances users’ ability to become more independent through the capacity to detect movement and distinguish light and dark.

Breakthrough Brain Implant Device Restores Visual Perception After Blindness Caused By  Car Accident 

Designated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration as a “Breakthrough Device,” the brain implant wirelessly converts images captured by a tiny video camera mounted on sunglasses into a series of electrical pulses. The pulses stimulate a set of 60 electrodes implanted on top of the brain’s visual cortex, which perceives patterns of light and interprets them as visual clues.

Damages For Car Accident That Causes Vision Loss 

Personal Injury damages may include future medical care and treatment.  Is this experimental brain implant considered future damages or treatment? This is another reason why it is  important to speak to a Chicago brain injury attorney, Car accident lawyer 

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