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Can my family bring a lawsuit on my behalf if I am in a coma following a Chicago brain injury?

Filing A Lawsuit For Family Member In A Coma 

It is possible that a lawsuit can be initiated on your behalf if you are in a coma following a Chicago traumatic brain injury. However, a proper determination should first be made by a Chicago brain injury attorney.

A coma is a medical condition where the victim has suffered severe and widespread brain damage. The patient becomes unconscious and is unaware of their surroundings. The brain injury patient in a coma is also unresponsive to outside stimuli. The coma may be temporary or permanent.

An experienced brain injury lawyer will evaluate the potential claim to determine whether a family member should go to court to be appointed the legal guardian over the coma victim. 

Typically, a legal guardian can initiate a lawsuit. However, there may be other factors which support waiting to initiate suit. These may include:

  1. Waiting to understand the full extent of the victim’s damages
  2. Need to wait & see whether the victim emerges from the coma
  3. Whether the statute of limitations has begun to toll or is due to expire in the near future

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