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FAQ: How will a Chicago brain injury affect my memory

FAQ: How will a brain injury affect memory? For many people, a Chicago, Rockford, Aurora, Waukegan Brain Injury will affect your memory in several ways. 

Memory is the mind’s ability to remember information. The different types of memory include:

  • Immediate memory
  • Short-term memory 
  • Long-term memory

An example of immediate memory is remembering an address when a friend gives it to you long enough to write it down.

Short term memory problems after a brain injury 

Short-term memory, however, lasts a little longer. This type of memory allows you to remember things such as picking up your dry-cleaning. It generally lasts between several minutes and a few days.

Long term memory includes information such as:

  • Personal information
  • Major life events
  • Facts
  • Basic skills
  • Future plans

* A brain injury typically affect the victim’s short-term memory, leaving long-term memory substantially intact.

 After a head trauma, you may experience memory problems, such as:

  • Problems Remembering information shortly after learning it
  • Inability to learn new information
  • Trouble finding and using the right words to express emotion

Waukegan, Rockford, Aurora or Chicago brain injury and memory are also linked to the following conditions:

  • Post-traumatic amnesia, which temporarily renders the patient unable to maintain any short-term memories
  • Retrograde amnesia, which results in the victim being unable to recall events for a specific time period before the injury
  • Lateralization, which causes the patient to have difficulty remembering events through words or pictures

Fortunately there are several things to help manage memory problems following a head injury. Some techniques include: sticking to a routine, keeping a diary, and ensuring that the victim stays well rested. 

If you or a loved one is suffering from memory loss following a head injury caused by an auto accident in Waukegan, Chicago, Rockford, or Aurora IL, contact an experienced brain injury lawyer today at Cullotta Law Offices in Chicago & Glenview, IL, 847-651-7191.

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