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FAQ: What 4-Things Should You Know Before Hiring Illinois Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney

1. A IL brain injury law firm with lawyers who will take the time and has the knowledge to know how to identify, obtain, and establish all possible damages. Why? Ask Yourself Thee Three Questions Before Hiring An Il, Brain Injury Attorney: (a) When was the value of your Chicago brain injury case determined? – (b) How was the amount of the brain injury settlement determined? – (c) What information is settlement based on?

2. Illinois Personal Injury Law Firms with extensive experience in brain Injury litigation – NO exceptions. Why? A lawyer who handles brain injury settlements and lawsuits daily is best. The best brain injury lawyer is NOT based on the size of the firm or on a large TBI settlement. WHY? For the same reason you don’t choose a surgeon to operate on you if they only performed one major surgery.

3. The lawyer is UNable to tell you how much your brain injury settlement will be early in the case. Why? If a brain injury attorney in tells you how much your brain injury case is worth BEFORE all documents, records, treatment, and depositions are completed –I suggest you speak to other TBI lawyers before hirinmg him/her. WHY? Possible Recoverable Compensation For A Cook County, Il Brain Injury Case May Include: past, present and future damages and those damages are more likely than not a result of the Illinois traumatic brain injury caused by another person’s negligence. Often times, personal injury law firm in Chicago or IL will settle a brain injury case right away and for “peanuts.” This injury lawyer in Chicago likely lacks the experience, knowledge, persistence necessary to handling Chicago Illinois traumatic brain injuries.

4. Knows the brain, knows every brain injury case is unique – just like you, & Takes the time to learn and obtain everything about your TBI case. Why? It takes time to get to know you, the facts, obtain all pertinent information from the clients, the clients family, witnesses, acquaintances, etc. This process of a brain injury case can not be rushed. An Illinois law firm who is ready and willing to settle a brain injury case – right away – likely does not understand how to identify, obtain and prove the maximum compensation possible for a traumatic brain injury; and lack experience handling IL brain injury cases.

Josephine Cullotta is an experienced top-rated Chicago IL brain injury attorney at Cullotta Law Offices. Currently, 90% of all cases accepted by Ms. Cullotta involve a Illinois – traumatic brain injury, head trauma, spine injury and spinal injury. For more information, call Cullotta Law Offices at 2624 Patriot Blvd., Glenview IL, at 847-651-7191 and ask to speak with Josephine Cullotta.

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