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FAQ: What is the most common cause ofa brain hemorrhage (bleeding)?

Head injury from a traumatic injury, like a slip and fall or being struck by a vehicle, is the leading cause of a brain hemorrhage (bleeding) for persons under 50 years-old.
Blood collecting in an area of the brain after a head trauma is serious and may require immediate brain surgery to treat. Therefore, medical attention after head trauma is important; especially if it is due to a serious event like an automobile hitting you or a severe fall from a motorcycle and hitting your head on the pavement.
Additionally, if you have been involved in a car accident and sustained a brain injury or hemorrhage (bleeding), the call Cullotta Law at 847-651-7191 to schedule an appointment with a brain injury attorney today.
Cullotta Law Offices has great experience handling cases involving head trauma and bleeding in the brain in Chicago, Illinois and can help you focus on you getting better while letting us work on getting the maximum recoverable for all possible damages related to an accident, fall or other serious injury.

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